Free Opencart ecosystem initiative

🤙 Support and communication

Hey pals! Lately, i have’nt much free time for now to provide support for the freeocart, so emails may stay unanswered for long time. If you looking for urgent support or wanna chat – you can message me to instagram direct –, or facebook at

🔧 Important update for FO:CSV users on Windows

Today we learned that on Windows OS did’t send correct MIME-type of CSV files in our module frontend. Instead of text/csv type validator was receiving empty value which led to the inoperability of importer part. This bug was fixed in version 1.0.1. Thanks to employee of Cherikovskoe RAIPO for the bug report.

Two new modules for Opencart 3.x stores arrived!

Hi 👋 It’s been a long time of silence, but project is alive and we present you two new Freeocart modules for Opencart 3.x.x!

FOC:CSV embedded template system – how it's works

Short how-to for FOC:CSV template system.

FO or FOC?

Little post here, to avoid FO/FOC naming confuse.

FOC Carousel released

Early announced carousel module released, and finally available to everyone!???

FOC: Carousel announce

Working on new opencart module – foc: carousel. This module will let you create carousels as modules. Module supports D&D control for slides reordering, multilanguage and several kinds of slides. There are html, youtube link and classic image slides supported: At the moment, module under heavy development, and will become publicly available in the near […]

Freeocart becomes multilanguage

Hi!   Finally, i’ve added english language support to this site! All freeocart modules initially supports at least two languages – english and russian, so i thought, that this site also must support at least english language, to be available for everyone! As you can see, english, is not my native, but i will do my […]

Freeocart start

So, project started!? Starting point — 18.04.2018⌛️