Free Opencart ecosystem initiative

FO or FOC?

Little post here, to avoid FO/FOC naming confuse.


I’ve renamed all the projects to use consistent prefixes. So from now they are only FOC:


There is no difference, or specific naming meaning

FO === FOC, just do not pay attention to these little naming failures:)


You can see, that freeocart modules can use both name prefixes – FOC and FO, it’s can cause some confuse and born a questions:

is there any difference between FO and FOC projects, and why some modules uses FO, and others FOC??


I’m hurry to calm you — there is no something specific tag here, it’s just an naming mistake, that can be caused on development stage mostly.?

I tried to choose one naming method, but anyway, every time i use wrong name prefix in new projects, because my head born names automatically at these moments, and it takes normally no longer than 1-2 seconds, so i think, it’s just an wrong naming reflex.

After this, i quickly create bitbucket repository (i prefer, you know, make base things in private mode), push initial commits, and that’s it — my personal point of no return.

At some state, when project starting to work, i clone repo from bitbucket to github, and it’s really late to change something — i know, that i can easily change repo name/url, but i don’t want to do this, because it means change my local repo git settings, change announce urls and other really little time killing tasks.


So, let’s just agree, that FO === FOC, like Free Opencart === Free OpenCart.?