Free Opencart ecosystem initiative

Two new modules for Opencart 3.x stores arrived!

Hi 👋

It’s been a long time of silence, but project is alive and we present you two new Freeocart modules for Opencart 3.x.x!

FOC: Discount percent

percents… niceee 😊

Tired about setting absolute discounts every time? No more words just install “FOC: Discount percent” module and set all your discounts as percents!

All discounts/specials will be recalculated with base price changes in your product edit form.

FOC: CKEditor instead of Summer

Good old CKEditor is really better in most cases ?

Okay, we all know that default WYSIWYG editor in Opencart sucks. Sometimes, for someone it works well, but most cases we hear only negative client response about it.

It’s ok to make simple text in summer, sometimes it’s works well with images, but if some serious markup is what you want – it can make a really bad day for you… 🤬

But hey! I got some small pretty module for you! 👍

Simply install “FOC: CKEditor instead of Summer” and forget about pain in ass while editing products/categories/articles!

Have fun! 😉

Please, use comments or e-mail if you have some questions!