Free Opencart ecosystem initiative

Hello 👋

This website is home of Freeocart project — initiative to create free ecosystem for Opencart CMS. Free — is not means like free beer, but free as free speech.

All modules from Freeocart are GPL licensed and opensource.

Why 🧐

There is known fact that Opencart licensed under free GPLv3 license, but many extensions uses their own license (proprietary in most cases) – many authors limiting access to source code (especially in Russia).

On the one hand, authors try to protect they code with encrypting software (ionCube, etc) and force users to accept their license (for example, license keys check).

On the other hand, as a user, you cannot modify encrypted source code by yourself. Authors not always can modify their products for your needs, so you got in vendor lock.

Also, encrypted software cannot give you any security guarantees, because you don’t know what exactly code in these parts.

From the point of view of Freeocart author — it’s a wrong way.

How to support the author? 🤝

Any support is welcome!

Other — create issues if you found bugs, send PR on github, share information about project with other people.

FOC Projects: 🎉

Project Description Status
FOC: Add2Cart Box Show modal with custom content after adding product to cart. Released
FOC: Auto meta Set missing meta data with templates! Released
FOC: Carousel Create unlimited carousels with your own templates Released
FOC: CKEditor instead of Summer Replace Summernote with CKEditor on your Opencart 3.x shop Released
FOC: Discount percent Ocmod extension adds ability to set discounts in percents in your opencart 3 store. Released
FOC: Flexible CSV import/export Flexible CSV Import/Export module Релиз
FOC: Image flexible size Ocmod (opencart >= 2.3) with backward compatibility for getting more control at image cropping. Can be used to get image with it’s original size. Релиз
FOC:Simple seo tweaks Простой модуль для дополнительной настройки базового Opencart Seo для мультиязычных магазинов Релиз
Opencart module position dnd Simple ocmod to improve modules positions usability in layouts Released