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How to install module?

Hi pals! 🖐

I received a lot of questions about “How to install module X”, so i decided to create this page to cover this kind of questions.

So, let’s learn how to install Freeocart modules step by step.

  1. Download module installation file from Github page (you can use the builds link from project page)
  2. Be sure to download the file
  3. Open your opencart admin panel
  4. Navigate to “Extensions” -> “Extensions”
  5. Choose “Modules (or other module type, normally specified on project page)” in dropdown filter input
  6. Find module you installed and click on green button on right side to activate it
  7. Navigate to “Extensions” -> “Modifications”
  8. Click on cyan colored button “Refresh”
  9. Congrats, You made it! 🎉

Note for Opencart 3 users: In some cases you also need to refresh template cache. To do so, navigate to your Dashboard page and click on cog button:

This opens dialog window where you need to press orange button to refresh theme cache.

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